SonarQube performances : Servers (VM) Vs Docker installation


According to the SonarQube official documentation. SonarQube server can be installed either directly on a machine (VM) using the zip file or using the Docker image :

Are there any constraints/limitations or performance impacts when using Docker installation method ?

The documentation also provides a YAML file for docker compose, which will run both the server and database on the same machine as docker containers. This installation method is also recommended for production ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @soucine,

thanks for your question! We are not aware of any notable differences in terms of performance when installing SonarQube via zip file or docker. So, yes please install SonarQube via docker (and maybe consider using also our helm chart, if you intend to deploy to a kuberneres cluster!).

About your follow-up question: the straight answer is no. We recommend deploying/installing the DB separately and then connecting SQ to it. The docker-compose file you are referring to is just meant for small installations/demos and should not be used in a production setup. There is a lack of clarity in the documentation indeed, we are gonna fix it :slight_smile:

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Great, Thank you

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