SonarQube Data Center - Docker


We’re currently trying to use SonarQube Data Center in Docker. However, we noticed that there is no such Docker image available currently.

  • Is there a reason why the SonarQube Data Center edition isn’t made availble in Docker?
  • Will there be a Docker image in the (nearby) future for the SonarQube Data Center edition?
  • If not, is it possible to create it ourselves, what are the risks?


No reply in the community, unable to contact support via
The only possible way to contact SonarSource is via:, hoping I receive an answer obout a technical related question.

I find it not very customer friendly if I may say so…

Hi @xirixiz ,

welcome to the community :wave:

yeah sorry for the delay. there was a public holiday in Switzerland on Thursday where the majority of our staff is based, so a lot of people took a long weekend.
maybe i can help you thou :slight_smile:

The DCE needs some more tweaking and polishing to give you a good experience while working with it on docker, so we did not yet publish official dce images.

Yes we do plan on releasing official DCE docker images in the future, but i would need to confirm the schedule when we plan on releasing them, so let me come back to you on that one :sweat_smile:

if you take a look at our Dockerfiles for the other variants, you’ll see that you could swap out the source of the archive and build your own image like this. This is in no way officially supported, so the risk is in case of failure or error handling the official support (where you will have access to, when you purchase a valid license) might not be able to help you.

you can create a new post if this is unrelated to this toppic here about it and i will be happy to help when ever i can :wink:

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Hi Tobias, thanks for your reply, very much appreciated!

Sorry that I wasn’t aware of the public holiday in Switzerland…
I just found it hard to find another way to get to support, but luckily you replied me here :smiley:!

I currently have enough information, thanks, but ofcourse I`m very interested in the schedule indeed :ok_hand:t2:. Hope you can share it soon as we need to decide on an approach how to proceed with the implementation of SonarQube DC.