SonarQube LTS is now SonarQube LTA

Hey Sonar Community!

We’d like to draw your attention to an updated webpage on the Sonar website. After reading it, your primary takeaway will probably be that what Sonar has previously referred to as a long-term support (or LTS) version of SonarQube, is now being referred to as a long-term active (or LTA) version of SonarQube.

v9.9 LTS? No more. v9.9 LTA.

And when you ask us when v10.x LTS will be released, we’ll tell you when v10.x LTA is coming (once we know).

Why the change? It appears that having two meanings of “support” (Commercial “Support” and “supported” version) was causing some friction.

Keep an open mind, and bear with us.