SonarQube LTS 7.9.5 relnotes or changelog

Sorry for possible duplicates, but I found none, so here is my question.
In late November 2020 there was an update for SonarQube 7.9 LTS released - that was version 7.9.5.
Before applying any changes or installing updates, our team prefers to read release notes, changelogs, manuals and guidelines. However, for this, strictly meaning 7.9.5, version, we found none of documentation! :frowning:
Does this mean there were no changes? If yes, then what was it released for? :slight_smile:
Or they were not uploaded, or so? Could you, please, provide me with links to changelogs and release notes for SonarQube 7.9.5 LTS?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @Illia_Istomin ,

you can view the changes that were included into the 7.9.5 release here.

Hello @Tobias_Trabelsi , thank you!

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