Changes and improvements from 9.9 LTS to 9.9.4


i have working the SonarQube Community 9.9 LTS version. I would like to upgrade to the 10LTS but i would like to know about the changes and improvements of 9.9 patches (finally 9.9.4).

I have searched on websites but i have not found anything about changes, improvements etc.

Could you provide me a link or notes about this? I have to make a comparative between 9.9 and 9.9.4 in order to value the benefits of apply this patch before the upgrade to 10 LTS.

Thank you very much.


We don’t do “improvements” as such in point releases, only bug and security fixes. Here’s a cumulative list of the fixes in the 9.9.* versions.


Hi @AntonioB,

To complete Ann’s answer, all patch release notes are listed directly in the documentation under ‘Full release notes’ in the Release Upgrade Notes.
Since 9.9.x patch releases only provide fixes on top of 9.9, would you still see a need to identify all these fixes at once?