Changes from 8.8 to 8.9

@ganncamp, with the target audience beingn “SonarQube Users” (ie, everyone), will there be any mention of changes from 8.8 to 8.9 LTS? The release announcements contain so much aimed at users of the previous LTS that I am having a wee bit of difficulty is working out what (precisely) would change for my users if I were to upgrade from 8.8.

I need user buy-in order to upgrade. Sure, I can point out that upgrading to an LTS is a necessary stepping stone to getting to 9.0 (or whatever the next release happens to be) but I do not want anyone to say that they cannot understand the benefits of upgrading NOW and that we should wait until 9.0 and then upgrade twice in one go (which just means me, the upgrader, having to work even more overtime in a single evening).

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Hi Mark,

I’ve split this to its own thread since it really is a separate topic.

And it’s a very fair question.

LTS releases are hardening versions, so the emphasis is on fixing bugs & vulnerabilities and minor improvements rather than adding new features (release notes). That alone ought to be convincing.

However, while the platform is constrained to “no new features”, the Languages side of the house is not. So there are new rules on the languages side. Here are some pointers from the SQ release notes:

  • [SONAR-14770] - Improve CFamily analysis: 16+ rules dedicated to C++20 standard (experimental)
  • [SONAR-14774] - Improve SonarJava analysis: new rules specific to Java 9-15 and existing rules adapted to Java 9-15
  • [SONAR-14781] - Improve C# analysis: 3 new security rules related to Authentication & Web Access Control
  • [SONAR-14740] - Improve PHP analysis - several improvements and fixes
  • [SONAR-14741] - Improve HTML analysis - several improvements
  • [SONAR-14757] - Improve XML analysis - several improvements and fixes
  • [SONAR-14761] - Improve JS analysis - many improvements and fixes
  • [SONAR-14780] - Improve VB analysis - many improvements and fixes
  • [SONAR-14783] - Link to Java upgrade notes in scanner warning
  • [SONAR-14785] - Improve Java, JS/TS, PHP, C# taint analysis: 120 improvements and fixes

In addition, there are minor platform improvements like:

  • [SONAR-10485] - Provide a way to always enforce coverage and duplication Quality Gate conditions

This one is about the new code “fudge factor” in the Quality Gate

And there are a number of small improvements to the UI, e.g.:

Anyway, there are a number of gems in the release notes. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to catch the fancy of your approvers.


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