Analyzer versions when upgrading from 8.9.8 LTS to 8.9.10 LTS

I have setup SQ (Developer) 8.9.8 LTS in April 2022, and would like to upgrade to newer LTS in coming March 2023. (Let assume it is still 8.9.10 LTS around March 2023).

I have downloaded 8.9.10 LTS (Developer), and found that the bundled analyzer versions are the same as 8.9.8 LTS (e.g. Swift, both versions are

May I ask if there even the SQ system is upgraded, the bundled analyzers are keeping the same versions? And it means the Rules equipped are also unchanged between the 8.9.8 and 8.9.10?

Is there any way for me to upgrade the Rules, while keep using the same LTS branch? (I don’t want to upgrade to 9.7.x before LTS is released).

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I think yes, the analysers and rules are not updated with 8.9.10.
And no, it no longer seems to be possible to upgrade just the rules to 9.x with the current LTE.

Maybe someone knows when a 9.x LTS is planned?

So, the rules bundled by the Analyzers will be kept unchanged, probably for the 8.x LTS updates.
Since the LTS may last for 18-month, does it mean that there will be no rules update for 18-month?

I am able to find some packages update from Sonar · GitHub, how can I know if the JAR downloaded from github is compatible for the SQ LTS version?

Hey there.

SonarQube v9.9 LTS is now scheduled! Take a look below.

And – you’re correct, New language features now available exclusively in latest SonarQube versions

Hello everyone,
I’m considering to update my sonarqube from 8.9.2 installing the last patch , 8.9.10 . I can’t find documentaion how is it the procedure, could someone tell me how is it the procedure ? Is it the same of a migration to different LTS version ?