Will new versions of bundled plugins be available to LTS version

We’re using latests LTS Version of SonarQube. A couple of weeks before moving to 8.9 we reported a false positive of a TypeScript rule. The bundled version of TypeScript plugin is 7.4.4 and the false positive was fixed in version 8.3 of TypeScript plugin. Will updates be availabe to the LTS version or do we have to wait for the next version of SonarQube?

Hi Andreas,

While our analyzer projects are versioned and released internally, they are no longer distributed as plugins. Rather, the latest release of each analyzer is included in the latest release of SonarQube.

In the name of stability, the 8.9 LTS will remain with the analyzers that were included at the time of its release. If you’d prefer to update to the latest available analyzers, you’ll want to follow the latest release track for SonarQube instead of the LTS track. The latest JS/TS analyzer release should be included with SonarQube 9.1, expected this month.

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@Jeff_Zapotoczny Thank you for the clarification, I had already thought so. IMHO this is a regression of usability. It means to us, that we have to wait about 18 months until some false positives of rules are fixed. This only, because we want to stick to the LTS version due to stability reasons.

Should we raise a feature request to change this? It’d be no problem for us to get several new LTS versions, containing only bug fixes of the platform and new versions of bundled plugins.

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Hi @Fischermaen,

You can read the original announcement of this shift in our release policy, written by SonarQube’s Product Manager, here.

I don’t anticipate much traction on a feature request to reverse this overall policy. However, I’d encourage you to raise a comment on the specific ticket tracking your false-positive fix if you want to make a case for why it’s serious enough to merit a backport to the LTS in and of itself.

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Hi @Jeff_Zapotoczny,

thank you for pointing me to the blog post by @Chris, it helped me a lot to understand this decision. :slight_smile:

Now there is only one point where IMHO we have to dicuss about in the end: Should fixes of false positives in language plugins should be backported to LTS by default? I would clearly favour that. A false positive producing lots of issues breaks sonarqubes claim “narrow the focus”. People will rather tend to ignore a rule completely instead of closing a huge amount of false positives to see the “real issues”.

Conclusion: I would be totally fine with SonarSources decision to have a “real LTS” version as long as fixes of false positives in languages plugins are backported to the LTS version.