Any Upgrade Notes for 6.7.7?


we’re upgrading from Sonarqube 6.2 to 6.7.7 LTS (before going to 7.9 LTS).

The following URL has upgrade notes for the various intermediate versions but nothing for 6.7.7.

My question is are there any upgrade notes for 6.7.7 or will it be sufficient to move to 6.7.7 LTS just by looking at the upgrade notes in the URL above?


Hi Malti,

Great question! The upgrade notes are intended to give you the big things you need to know before adopting a version & generally there just aren’t any big things you need to know for a point version. 6.7.5 was very much a exception. None of the other point releases have upgrade notes, only Jira release notes listing the bugs they fixed. (In case you’re interested.)


Thanks Ann :slight_smile: Good to know.

I’ve upgraded to 6.7.7 and now moving onto 7.9 LTS so fingers crossed all goes well.


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