SonarQube Limit Error

While doing sonar scan, we keep on gettting error.

But when we check license, it is still far from reaching limit.

. Not sure, why error is coming up.

Our SonarQube version

Hi @Rohitkul

You’re right, your license is far from reaching the limit. BUT the new project you want to analyse (or the additional lines of code) will make you exceed the limit of 1M.
You should either clean your SQ DB to reduce the number of LOCs and be able to analyse this additional project, or you should contact your Sales rep to go the next threshold (5M LOC) to cover your needs.


Thanks, Can you suggest ways to clean SQ DB to reduce the number of LOCs

Hi @Rohitkul,

you’ll find some infos in the docs.


Simply by deleting projects. There is no other solution.
The doc pointed at by @Carine_Bayon is rather about deleting intermediate analyzes of a given project, which help reduce the DB size (less historical data retained) but it will not reduce your LoC count