SonarQube Keil setup (Error during SonarScanner execution)

  • SonarQube last version, Scanner, sonar-scanner-
  • I want to run my project in SonarQube. Project is written on C in Keil IDE
  • I have followed all the steps that are described in tutorial, but sonar-scanner execution fails with error “buid-wrapper-dump”.json is empty.

For build i am using the following command:build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe --out-dir build_wrapper_output_directory C:\Keil_v5\UV4\UV4.exe -cr xx.uvproj
Build-wrapper clean build was done successfully, without any errors.

Hi @harshars08 ,

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Can you please send me the file build_wrapper_output_directory/build-wrapper.log that was generated after your clean-build and the complete logs you get in your console when running sonar-scanner? You can do it through private message if you prefer.


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Thanks for the reply.Couldn’t find private message option.

Hi @harshars08,
Thanks for the logs.
From what I see, the compiler you are calling is C166. It is not part of the compilers we support at the moment (see list).
That is why your build-wrapper-dump.json is empty.
Perhaps there is there another compiler you could use to build your project, to make the analysis possible?

You can also voice your need in this thread and follow the attached ticket.

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