Build-wrapper-dump.json was found empty for C++ project SonarQube analysis

Hello Team,

We are using SonarQube Version 7.9.2 EE and SonarQube Scanner 4.2.0 for C++ project analysis.
I have followed the documentation to download the build wrapper and the project is built successfully.
Here is the command: build-wrapper-linux-x86-64 --out-dir build_wrapper_output make install
However, the build-wrapper-dump.json is generated empty.
From build-wrapper.log it seems that all the processes are getting skipped.

Fri Feb 21 09:03:04 2020: skipping process with pid: 1343
Fri Feb 21 09:03:04 2020: finalizing json file
Fri Feb 21 09:03:04 2020: returned with code: 0

We are running this build on a ubuntu 18.04 docker container with root permissions.

Could you please guide us to troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you!


could you please update SonarCFamily analyzer and the build-wrapper to its latest version 6.7 and retry? You can update the analyzer from the Marketplace page in the Administration of your SonarQube server.

If that hasn’t fixed your issue, what compiler are you using? Are you running cleaning the build (i.e. make clean) before ?

Hello @mpaladin,

We do not have administrative access to the SonarQube server. Hence, we cant go with the option to upgrade the plugins.

The build is always done on a clean workspace with cross compiler GNU 7.3.0(x86_64-openwrt-linux-musl-g++)


could you please share the build-wrapper output directory?