SonarQube on Keil setup (Error during SonarScanner execution)

Hello, Team,

  • SonarQube last version, Scanner, sonar-scanner-
  • I want to run my project in SonarQube. Project is written on C in Keil IDE
  • I have followed all the steps that are described in tutorial, but before last step i got the following error:

For build i am using the following command:build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe --out-dir bw-output C:\Keil_v5\UV4\UV4.exe -cr xx.uvprojx

How is solve it?

Thanks a lot for answer.

Hello @slav_andrii,

Can you share the build-wrapper log file? What compiler are you using? Did the command you provided to build-wrapper clean build your project successfully?


Hello, @Abbas_Sabra ,
Thanks a lot for answer.
Below is my answers to your querstion:
1)build-wrapper.log (762.3 KB)
2) Compile that i am using is armcc.
3)build-wrapper clean build was done successfully, without any errors.


I solved this issue.

@slav_andrii Glad, you were able to solve the issue by yourself. Out of curiosity what was it?

@Abbas_Sabra Project analysis was launched not from root directory of the project.
The analyzer could not see source code.

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