SonarQube JRE error - v4.36.1

We have our SonarQube instance hooked up to our on-prem DevOps instance.

We are running SonarQube v8.9.2.46101 LTS
The JRE version we have is v11 (file class v55)
DevOps version is 18.181.32404.7 (Azure DevOps Server 2020 Update 1.2)
DevOps build agents are 2.181.2

As of last week, seemingly the vendor has incremented the version of the code analysis tool.
Incremented from v4.36.0 to v4.36.1. As a result, build pipelines are failing with the code analysis step to sonarqube failing as below

Working correctly

Broken - note the incremented version number

Any suggestions? Nothing has changed in our environment other than windows patching.

Hey there.

While yes – there was an update to the Azure DevOps Extension, it shouldn’t affect the version of Java being used.

Is it possible that your SonarQube server also got upgraded in the meantime?


Nah, have been no upgrades at all to SonarQube server.

for community reference

I’ve since managed to fix this, more a mis-understanding on how the SonarQube Analysis step works on my part.

It’s executed on the DevOps server, not the SonarQube server. So the error message was legit being that we had Java v8…

As of v4.36.1 of the code analysis tool (released on or around the 2024-03-07), there indeed has been a dependency change. vendor documentation is incorrect. Requires Java 11.

Pointed this out to our account manager, so hopefully this doesn’t bite others and the doco is corrected.