Java versioning error while running RunCode Analysis Task in Azure Devops pipeline

While trying to build the pipeline by incorporating 2 new tasks (Prepare analysis on SonarQube, Run Code Analysis), getting error on Run Code Analysis task whereas Prepare analysis on SonarQube task execution succeeded.

We are trying to accomplish the integration of SonarQube with Azure Devops on Premise version against one project Jenny. It is happening everytime, when we are attempting to build the pipeline by enabling the task Run Code Analysis. Java versioning issue. Attaching the error log and screenshot.

Azure Devops on premise version and SonarQube both are on same server. I have tried to troubleshoot this by updating the sonarqube scanner version, ms build and java version 11.0.17 on Devons server as well as on source code server.

Hey there.

It doesn’t look like your log and screenshot attached. Can you try again?

RunCode Analysis Task Error log.txt (9.5 KB) (99.6 KB)

It sure looks like Java 8 is being used rather than Java 17. What happens if you run java -version in the context of this pipeline?