Sonarqube integration with Bitbucket 4.12.1


We have an older version of bitbucket 4.12.1 with no option to upgrade. I know the documentation states that “Integration with Bitbucket Server requires at least Bitbucket Server version 5.15.” . But I was looking to see if there are any options like adding plugin etc to Sonarqube developer version to help with Reporting your Quality Gate status to Bitbucket Server via Jenkins. Currently I am able to see only build pass/fail from Jenkins but nothing from sonarqube. But sonarqube runs fine without any issues and I can see reports on sonarqube, but we brought the developer version to get reporting of sonarqube on Bitbucket interface. Any help is appreciated.


  • SonarQube Developer version 8.9 LTS
  • BitBucket 4.12.1

Hey there.

It won’t be possible to benefit from any of the Pull Request Decoration features of Developer Edition without running a supported version of Bitbucket. The integrations simply don’t exist (Bitbucket Code Insights were introduced in v5.15).

Thanks Colin for the quick response, appreciate it

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