Sonarqube Integration issue with Azure active directory

I am getting below message while integrating with Azure AD. I tried all steps from recommended document from sonarqube , but no luck
AADSTS50011: The reply url specified in the request does not match the reply urls configured for the application: ‘15b7b0f3-9b4b-4f7b-8455-2b9a94151d1c’.

steps followed

sonarqube configuration - client id , tenant id and client secret
Azure AD - configuration of redirect URL .
any suggestions ?


Are you using a specific plugin for this ?


This issue is resolved and I documented in my blog.Please refer @


we are running on sonarqube community edition 8.3.1.

we have the Azure AD plugin (1.2.0) configured.

I am seeing inconsistent behavior with the group synchronization. In Azure AD for a group ‘A’ there are 4 users. But on SonarQube Instance , In groups I see only two users.

I have feeling that group synchronization is not doing the sync.

I have followed these links for Azure AD Integration with SonarQube

Please advise


Please refer blog from Emtec digital, I have written this blog after complete validation.