SonarQube - Azure AD Integration Issues

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  • which versions are you using - SonarQube - Version 8.3.1 (build 34397) Developer Edition and
  • what are you trying to achieve - Azure AD integration with SonarQube
  • We have installed the Azure AD integration plugin, created a Service principal and used it to integrate Azure AD with SonarQube which was successful but now when ever we add any AD members to existing groups or if create a new group in SonarQube and add it then it is throwing that AD user out of the group. We did R&D also on that and got to know that it needed a sync between Azure AD and SonarQube. In the SonarQube , under Administration - General Settings - Azure AD, we have made Enable Groups Synchronization option true and added some AD groups in Service Principals user/groups section but still not able to see that sync is happening.

Any help will be appreciated.


Welcome to the community!

If I understand correctly, you’re adding users to SonarQube groups in SonarQube, and they get removed from those groups when they log in.

That’s exactly the way group mapping/synchronization works.


Hi Ann,
Thank you very much for the welcome. This issue got resolved after followed this issue from GitHub page of official Azure AD authentication plugin -

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