Group sync not happen between azure ad and Sonarqube

Hi @Colin
I have configure azure ad sso integration for sonarqube.
Iam able to login with saml.but group sync Is not happen .
Any plugins need to install for group sync
Could please help me on this.


Please don’t invoke people who are not already engaged in a thread. Instead of bumping this to the top of that person’s list – it actually moves it to the bottom.

Please read our FAQ, specifically this section.

In your other thread I linked to the docs multiple times. Have you read them? You’ll need to explicitly enable group synchronization.

You started your other thread talking about AAD and then went on to say that you hadn’t installed a plugin, so I suppose you’re doing this as an LDAP integration? If so, the docs are pretty clear about how to turn on group synchronization.



Thank you response.

Iam not doing LDAP integration.I working on saml configuration.

Iam looking for sso integration between azure ad and Sonarqube.Everything working but group mapping not this reason iam not able to see admin tab even iam a part of admin group.Iam following group mapping recommendation.

I have done everything what is mention.

In azure ad sonarqube sso integration.

Can you please help me


Sorry, but we’re really not SAML experts. I can only suggest you make sure you’ve configured the SAML group attribute, and checked your server logs for messages. You may need to tune the log level up to DEBUG to get anything relevant.