Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication Plug-in will support sonarqube 8.9.8 lts version?

I just want to check like Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication Plug-in 1.2.0 will support sonarqube 8.9.8 lts version

Thank you


That plugin is community-supported. It’s more likely the maintainers will see your question if you post it as an issue on the project.

That said, it’s not clear to me that the project is still maintained…


SonarQube version
8.9.8 lts
HI .
I am following the Azure AD SSO integration with Sonarqube(Tutorial: Azure AD SSO integration with Sonarqube - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Docs) for saml configuration

  1. when i sign with SAML I am not able to see the administration tab as attached .I am also a member of admin group

2.I did not find the "Configure Sonarqube SSO "Section in Sonarqube browser( Administration > Configuration > Security) as attached


You’ve provided a screenshot showing that there is a group with admin privs. Can you also verify - within SonarQube - your user’s membership in that group?

Again, you need to take that to the plugin maintainers.


I am there in that group


Can you show the same thing on the SonarQube side?


Saml is working. but admin tab is missing

I want to add onething i did not add any plugins. I need to add any plugins ?

Yes. That’s because you don’t have admin rights, despite your membership in the az-grp-ap-sonarqube-enterprise-admins group on the AAD side. The question is: do you have membership in that group on the SonarQube side? Because I think that’s where it’s falling apart. Your membership in the group apparently isn’t transferring over. So the first thing to do is confirm that and maybe then we can make some progress.


I am part of this group and i have provided all access to the group


Thanks for screenshot. It looks very familiar. :slight_smile:

How about a screenshot that shows your membership in the group?


I have shared already
or you are looking something else


I’m looking for evidence directly from SonarQube. Like this:


I need to add my user in in that group from sonarqube side ?
This group for Azure ad .I am also member of that group and i have provided admin access to that group.


Well, your user needs to be in that group on the SonarQube side. How it gets there is another question. If you’ve enabled group synchronization then that should be happening automatically - assuming the groups are spelled exactly the same on both sides (capitalization counts, IIRC).

If you haven’t enabled group mapping, then yes, you’ll need to manually add your user.


how to enable to group syn.Can you suggest me .hope this is the issue here


The docs may help.


The name is same here.

Hi, I have a similar problem, and the issue is, that on the document you linked above there is no concrete instruction of how to enable the synchronization, but just a vague reference:
“When enabling group synchronization in the UI, manually added group memberships get reset.”

Can you please indicate how concretely enable group synchronization. I am using community edition, version 9.9.

I appreciate your help.

Hi @kricer,

Per the FAQ

Do you think you have the same question or problem as an existing thread?

If the thread is still relatively new and unsolved, your additional details may help point to the root cause. Please add them! :smiley:
If the thread is older than 2 months, you should create a new thread that includes all your own details.

The FAQ goes on to say that a lot can change in 2 months, and that includes the docs. There’s now a sub-page for each authentication method. Depending on your method the details of enabling group sync change.