Sonarqube -Azure AD Authentication successful but cant hit Sonarqube Page(dashboard)


I am trying to integrate Sonarqube with Azure AD ie to enable AD authentication into Sonarqube

We are running Sonarqube version 6.7.6 on Linux Redhat 7.2 ,
OOATH plugin installed is 1.0.
The issue is that Sonarqube seem to authenticate OK but something prevents it from hitting the actual Sonarqube landing(dashboard) page.

Authentication via Azure ADD is successful but however something is blocking it from hitting the Sonarqube UI via AD authentication.

I can confirm in the Azure Portal that authentication is successful i have done this with some troubleshooting with Microsoft and also via checking on the Azure Portal in
Enterprise Applications => All Applications =Sonarqube=> sign ins

However i cannot reach the page any help would be greatly appreciated very frustrating issue I have configured this using instructions from this page


Welcome to the community!

The version you’re on is past EOL. The current version is 8.4.1 and the current LTS is 7.9.4. You should upgrade at your earliest convenience:

6.7.6 > 7.9.4 > 8.4.1 (this last step is optional)

That said, delegating authentication to an Azure DevOps Server is not something we’ve gotten to yet, but it is currently on the road map for this year.


Hi Ann thanks for the reply ,as i mentioned just trying to authenticate through Azure Active Directory not Azure Devops Server.It seems like a common procedure most people have done successfully i just wanted to clarify any other suggestions for now please apart from the upgrade option


Hi D,

Oops. Sorry about that. We don’t directly support AAD. I believe there’s a community plugin for that. Its docs may be helpful.


Thanks but i have followed exactly the same procedure but still no joy any other suggestions to try ?