Azure AD SSO for SonarQube

Hi all,

I tried to configure Azure AD SSO for SonarQube login using official document from Microsoft but I am not able to configure it. I got an error “Reply URL mismatch”. And I referred some websites to do this but still the same error. Plz help to sort this. Thanks.



Hi @khopithan,

Can you change your Reply URL in Azure AD to <SONARQUBE_HOSTNAME>/oauth2/callback/saml? Just remove the “2” on the end.

If that fails again, please change your Log Level to DEBUG (Administration > System > Log Level) and repeat the issue? Please zip your $SONARQUBE_HOME/logs/ directory and attach on your next response.


Hi @Joe ,

Thank you for your reply. Actually I did that too. Then I changed the Reply URL as Sign on URL (referred some websites).Then It worked well.


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