SonarQube extension failed

Today I am facing some technical issue while installing/Downloading the SonarQube extension from the Azure Marketplace
(SonarQube - Visual Studio Marketplace)
from the TFS server having following information
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
Version 16.131.28226.3
Please guide, as I need this extension to use it in Pipeline.

Something’s gone wrong
We’ve encountered an error while downloading the extension. Please try again later.


Welcome to the community!

Is this still happening? Do you have problems with other extensions? Off-hand I would guess you should talk to your network folks.


Thanks for the warm wishes
Yes, this issue is still occurring, and I am not able to install the extension.
Yes, I have installed other extensions without any issues.
I already talked to the network guy, and there is no issue at the network level. If there were an issue at the security level or firewall level issue, then no other extensions would have installed.

Thanks in advance


Can you provide any more (low-level) detail to the error?