SonarQube Enterprise Sub-Portfolio


We are trying to organize our Portfolios, we run into the problem where we use a regular expression to capture the Program level, and then we want to capture in Sub-Portfolios the applications… sub-scope. However it seems this is not possible as we get the following error message

Project ‘coolproject’ [com.example.coolproject] is used several times in portfolio ‘COOL’. The project is associated with ‘COOL-SUB’ [COOLSUB] and ‘COOL’ [COOL]

The main issue is that we use a RegEx for the main Portfolio and want to use tagging for the Sub-Portfolio. But it appears that a project can only be associated with one Portfolio, even if its a Sub-Portfolio… seems a bit conter-intuitive. Is there a workaround for this?


In fact, a project can be associated with many portfolios. But a project can only appear in a given portfolio hierarchy once. So you could put CoolProject into portfolio CoolPortfolio and into EntirelyDifferent portfolio. But not into both Cool Portfolio and SubOfCool.

Why? Because how should we count it then. If CoolProject has 3 Bugs, does that count as 3 for CoolPortfolio or as 6 - the sum of the bugs for the elements in CoolPortfolio?


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