Is it possible to add a project in a Portfolio from another SonarQube instance?

I’m using SonarQube 6.7LTS and I have already create Portfolio with some projects from my principal server instance.
But now, I want to have a global portfolio including other projects from another server instance of another team.
I have only access to their SonarQube web server, but not on the source code.

Is it possible to add these projects directly in the existing Portfolio?
What can I use as a workaround (project synchronization …)?

Thank you for your help,

Greetings Jean-Michel,

This isn’t possible. Beyond the technical feasibility, your Enterprise Edition license allows you to aggregate projects that are on the same server… as your Enterprise Edition license. :slight_smile:

Why not consider consolidating to one instance in your organization? Beyond extending your Enterprise Edition capabilities to all of your teams, there are more and more features in SonarQube to delegate things like control over Quality Profiles to individual users/groups, decentralizing some of the previously centralized control.

Of course, you can always make use of the Web API to extract data from both instances and consolidate them into a report external of SonarQube.


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