Remove or move sub-portfolio from existing portfolio

Hi Experts,

I am using SonarQube Enterprise

I have an existing Portfolio that contains a number of sub-portfolio’s. I simply wish to move one of the sub-portfolios from one to another for reporting reasons but the only option I see when editing the Portfolio definition is to “Delete” the sub-portfolio that I wish to remove. Obviously I cannot add the same projects/sub-portfolios into two different Portfolio’s because of “Project unicity under a portfolio”. I dont want to delete the sub-portfolio but maybe this is misleading and it will only remove that sub-portfolio from the portfolio? Hopefully someone has done this before.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the community!

This is a question of how the sub-portfolio was originally created. Does it already exist as its own, top-level portfolio, or does it exist only under the parent portfolio? In either case, you’ll delete it from the parent portfolio. If it’s already an independent, top-level portfolio, you’re done; deleting it from the parent won’t affect it.

If it’s not already an independent, top-level portfolio, you’ll just recreate it. And BTW you can do this before you delete the sub-portfolio if you like. Projects can be part of multiple portfolios; that’s not a problem. They just can’t be part of two sub-portfolios within the same hierarchy.