Can't delete empty portfolio

I have an empty portfolio and can’t delete it as the “Portfolio settings” button is missing - am I overlooking something?


I see Administration in the top menu in your screenshot. That means you have rights to do this from the global portfolio admin: Administration → Configuration → Portfolios. You should be able to select the portfolio in question from there and delete it.


Hi Ann - I checked - I do see many portfolios there on the left side but not the one :frowning:


Uhm… That’s a stumper. Let’s back up a minute.

What version of SonarQube are you on, and what plugin is adding that ‘More’ item to the project menu?


Hi Ann - we are using Data Center EditionVersion 9.9 (build 65466).


You didn’t answer about your plugins. We don’t add a More menu at the project level. So you might want to uninstall any 3rd-party plugins and see if this is still a problem. And at the same time, with Data Center Edition, you have access to our professional Support Engineers. This might be easier with them.


Ah - forgot about plugins - seems like its bitegarden - ill check with the pro Supp Engineers - thx for info

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we’re using the bitegarden plugins and also GitHub - stefanrinderle/softvis3d
with Sonarqube Enterprise 9.9 LTS and 10.1 and i have no problems with deleting portfolios -
coincidentally, I’ve been doing a lot with portfolios over the past week.

What’s your Sonarqube version ?


Hi Gilbert - it’s a Data Center EditionVersion 9.9 (build 65466). I suspcect bitegarden, as when I hoaver over the “more” link the bitegarded URL pops up.

anything suspicious in the logs ?

Uh - let me chieck