0 of 2 Portfolios shown (Ghost portfolios)

I’m was testing portfolio creation and when I was cleaning up the server of all projects , apps and portfolios then I noticed there are 0 of 2 shown portfolios in the portfolios tab and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to delete them to get back to 0 , can’t do anything to make them show up.
I should mention I’ve done all the testing under the admin account so I have all the permissions and visibility , sonar version 8.7.1 Enterprise edition

even the API that search for components with all qualifiers selected (VW,SVW,APP,TRK) gives the following response:

[paging] => Array
[pageIndex] => 1
[pageSize] => 500
[total] => 2

[components] => Array



Hey there.

I recall seeing a similar bug in v8.7 but I cannot reproduce it on SonarQube v8.8. Can you see if the issue persists in SonarQube v8.8?

Whatever the acse – you should be able to kick your own instance back in order by deleting the /data/es7 directory from your SonarQube install directory and restarting the server.