Cannot delete wrong created portofolio

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  • Sonarqube 8.9.9 enterprise edition

when i create portofolio there’s a permission issued but the portofolio was created and it’s empty and cannot delete, modified either because there’s no option for the deletion and modify, when i create using the same key it’s error
“could not create portofolio , key already exist.”

I suggest checking the default permission template being assigned to portfolios (Global Administration > Security > Permission Templates) and make sure that your user can browse/administer new portfolios.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for you response
I have added the permission and successfully recreated the portofolio, but how can i deleted the old portofolio that have been created and show " This portfolio is empty." because there’s no delete option,
it’s just make my portofolio looks dirty.

You should be able to restore access / delete from the global Administration > Projects > Projects Management

Hi Colin,


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