SonarQube Elastisearch cleanup - what happens?


I’m using SonarQube Enterprise edition. I have several projects loaded into my PostegreSQL db and indexed into ES.
I want to stop my SonarQube server and get a cleanup of folder /sonarqube/data/es5/* for all ES stored data.
What happens to Sonarqube when I restart the SonarQube server? What is happening to the ES after the boot?



Hi there,

As explained in various topics:

The ElasticSearch data store should really be considered an internal component, and not be tampered with (at the risk of corrupting it). So at this stage when I read:

The only question that comes to mind is: why do you want to do this ?

We’re setting up a backup Sonar Server instance (only the server… not the DB). The failover will happen automatically with HA cluster configuration to manage a cluster of resources made by a VIP and the SonarQube services.

BTW - as you confirmed in case of failover we need ensure the backup instance to have ES as empty and let the Sonar Server to do ES data rebuild at SonarQube startup. This may take very long time in case of a huge amount of reports in the DB

Indeed, and ultimately you may encounter other hiccups as by design the SonarQube Community Edition is not optimised for High-Availability.

If you have strong interest in HA then you should consider the dedicated Data Center Edition , which offers a fully redundant cluster topology (see documentation).