How to backup SonarQube data? Is it needed to save/backup the data of embedded ES?

SonarQube Version: Community Edition Version 8.4 (build 35506)

Background Info:
In order to recover from unexpected condition, such as computer driver broken. We try to backup the sonarqube data.

imho, the first thing is to backup the postgreSQL database, which is done.

I setup another same version SonarQube and restore the database dumped from the working one. It seems everything is ok, projects are there, the same with issues, rules, etc.

But I’m not sure. Is it needed to backup the ES data? If not, what is the purpose of the data for?

Hey there.

The Elasticsearch Index can rebuild itself from all the information in SonarQube’s database, so it is not critical that it’s backed up (and as of SonarQube v8.4 does so quite quickly, with a smaller index and the ability to startup without all data indexed).