How to make a proper backup of sonarqube configurations in general and for each project

SonarQube 9.9 LTS CE on Linux.

We had our server wiped since IT upgraded from RH 7 to RH 8.
So we have realized that we need to backup settings we have done in general for sonarqube and for the all
projects (50) .
I don’t want to export the complete db since, I assume, it will be quite large.

I found some system files in OS that was important to backup but for the sonar installation I am clueless.
Any advice ? We don’t want to setup all projects and general settings from scratch once more :stuck_out_tongue:



This is the only way to have a backup of SonarQube.

50 projects probably won’t be that large.

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I used a backed up pgsql db from our prod sonar and did a db_restore and it seems that the plugins are wiped then.

Also no profiles are included…

Kind of strange or?
What is the rationale behind this?

Also do we need to restart both db and sonarqube after restore?

The plugins are stored on the file system.

If you’re using third-party plugins, you should manually install plugins that are compatible with your version of SonarQube.

And, it’s a good idea to wipe your Elasticsearch index (/data/es8/) and restart your SonarQube server after refreshing the data.


Once a week we copy data from one SQ1 instance to another SQ2 instance (including db).

The problem is that when we change the name of the profile on SQ2 and we restart it later the old profile name comes back :smiley: Why is that ?



Has it been overwritten with data since SQ1 after that name change?

@Colin what type of data in profile do you mean? I think we have added new rules on SQ2 for that profile.

You mentioned that:

So the data is, weekly, being overwritten with what is in SQ1, if I understand correctly. That would include the Quality Profile name.

@Colin not sure how much. But we export the complete SQ1 postgresql db to file and import it in SQ to make sure we have the same settings.
It is a bit strange that renaming the profile in SQ2 will not be persistent. A restart will rollback to SQ 1 profile name.
Could you explain? What is the rationale behind this?



Friendly reminder…

Found other issue too for the SQ 2.

When pressing show more. Nothing happens …

I solved the loading issue with removing:

sudo rm -Rf /opt/sonarqube/data/es7

and then restart sonar:

sudo systemctl restart sonarqube.service