Dumping Sonar back up on running instance

Hi community,

Im using sonar 6.7.1 Enterprise.
We are trying to migrate to a Community Edition instance.
I need to know if I have to stop Enterprise Edition to do the backups or if I can do a hot backup of properties, plugins, DB, etc.

Another question that I have is what happen if I create a SNAPSHOT of my Enterprise Edition to do the downgrade from snapshot just to avoid problems on my pipelines, and in case I have problems can go back to my another instance.

This is because we are running sonar on a VM with Ubuntu 14 and we are upgrading ours vm to Ubuntu 18.

What is the best practice to downgrade to community and migrate it to another s.o. version with out loosing anything?

Thanks! Hope you understand what im trying to accomplish.

Cheers, Julian.

Hi Julian,

I’m going to assume that while you’re making changes you’re going to upgrade to 7.9.1, the latest SonarQube version and current LTS, at the same time. :slight_smile:

In so doing, you will want to stop SonarQube to take a database backup.

You should not “back up” your plugins. The new SonarQube bundle you install will include compatible plugins for your edition and version. If you copy your 6.7.1 plugins into a Community Edition instance then you’ll either encounter errors at startup (versions >7.2 IIRC) or not actually downgrade (6.7.*-7.1).

For the configurations in $SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/sonar.properties, you could back up the file. Or you could simply shut down your 6.7.1 instance and let it be the “backup” until you get the necessary values reconfigured into the new instance.


Hi Ann,

We are not upgrading to 7.9.1 because we would have to edit parent POMs and another things that we want to avoid.

If I create a new Sonar Community instance I will lose history of the other instance? Or is this on the DB backup?

So, plugins is not necessary?


Hi Julian,

Uhm… what?

Is this about multi-module analysis changes? Because otherwise, I’m not aware of any POM changes you’d need to make.

Your history is stored in the database. The DB backup is done just in case anything goes wrong with upgrading the DB schema. But since you don’t plan to upgrade then there’s no need for that. At a minimum, you should upgrade to 6.7.7, but there shouldn’t be any DB migration for that.

Just download the 6.7.7 bundle, unzip, configure, and go.