Migrating SonarQube instance to another server

Our team is currently planning to migrate our Community Edition SonarQube (v8.4.2.36762) instance to a faster server and use the current instance for backup/fail-over. HA is not our goal; both instances will be behind the same VIP but only one instance at a time will be active. The DB instance and the connection url will not change.

This comment from support indicates that issues may occur. Between our test runs in a lower environment and this forum I know of the following below; are there any other potential issues that I should be aware of? I searched but couldn’t find any “official” instructions.

Clear outdated ES cache if needed (Clear cache discussion #1
, Clear cache discussion #2, Clear cache instructions) and to expect possibly long startup times for large datasets

Make sure that the two versions of SQ are the same version with the same plugins.

Hi Dan, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Since your database is remaining constant, you’re correct that the ES index is the only item to “worry” about. It would probably be cleanest to simply eliminate the stale index on the failover node (entirely delete the data/es6 folder) to avoid any potential issue with starting up with a stale index. This way the failover node will recreate the needed indexes when activated.

Of course, this will involve some downtime, but as of SonarQube 8.4 a feature was in place to make the UI available with only a minimum of data, while projects remain inaccessible until their data is reindexed, so your true “down” time should be minimal here.

Thank you for the verification! @Jeff_Zapotoczny