Trying to move Sonarqube to a different web server

Currently have SQ 10.0 running on Windows 2019 Server/MSSQL backend. Dealing with frequent crashes where SQ becomes unavailable. Throwing a dart at the wall, I decided to migrate the web tier to a new Windows 2022 system (database is unchanged).

I have setup the new server (java, etc) and copied the SQ folder over from the current server. When I go to start SQ on port 9000, I get this message:

SonarQube is under maintenance

This is confusing, of course. When I run localhost:9000/setup - It prompts to upgrade the database.

When I tell it to upgrade the database (which I fully grant should be unnecessary), I get this:

Upgrade Failed

Database connection cannot be established. Please check database status and JDBC settings.

So apparently SQ creates a schema owned by the service account

so for some reason I have a table dbo.projects (which is empty) as well as a table BLAH\serviceaccount.projects (which is populated). This service account got out of whack - and the schema was inaccessible.

I have no clue why this new schema would be created (if this is normal or something wrong with my config) - but it looks like all the existing data is in this schema (vs dbo, where it would normally belong).

One that was resolved things worked better. We’ll see if my crashes resolve…

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