SonarQube dockerhub image autoscaling


We’re using containerized version of SonarQube (v9.1.0 - Docker Hub) on RedHat Openshift container platofmr 4.7. We use MSSQL as external cloud DB service.

We’re actually running 1 single POD for SoanbrQube server and we were wondering if the same can be configured to manage autoscaling without any impact.



Hi @fabio.bazzani ,

only the Datacenter Edition (:heavy_dollar_sign:) supports horizontal scaling (clustering and distribute load to multiple instances). For all the other instances you can only scale them vertically (increase memory and cpu limits).
For vertical scaling you need to take the jvm parameter about heap space into consideration (Xmx and Xms) and configure them accordingly. Changing these will require a restart of the application, so i am not sure if this is a behavior that is wroth it.

hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Thx a lot @Tobias_Trabelsi !

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