Recommended Ec2 Instance and DB

Hi Team,

We are in the process of obtaining an Enterprise License version for Sonarqube and will be getting the same for one of our client soon , Before that we wanted to know some of the Hardware requirements which we need to use setup Sonarqube.

Actually As of now for the Enterprise setup we are planning to host Sonarqube on AWS ec2 instance and will be planning to use AWS RDS for PostgreSQL DB.

Can you please let me know which Instance type do your prefer for hosting Sonarqube assuming that we will be using scanning 10 million lines of code Initially for all the repos and what is the type of RDS that you recommend for this setup.

Hi Team,

Any update on the above details regarding the setup of Sonarqube and the type of ec2 instance that is preferred to use??

Hi @pierreguillot / Team, Can you please respond to the above question regarding the sonarqube setup with RDS, It would be better if you have any documentation regarding the same to share with us


Please don’t invoke people not already involved in your thread.


Hi Ann,

Sure , Actually I have worked with him in my earlier requests and i havent received an response for quiet some time . that is the reason why I have invoked pierre here to get some help.

Can you please give us any guidance regarding the above setup where we need to setup our sonarqube for enterprise version on an AWS ec2 and in terms of HA we want make that Ec2 in Autoscaling .