EC2 instance type and EBS volume sizing for SonarQube 8.9.2 LTS Enterprise Edition

Hello everyone! I’m trying to install SonarQube 8.9.2 LTS Enterprise Edition using AWS ECS (by running the official docker image sonarqube:8.9.2-enterprise). Given the 3M+ LOC, could someone please provide some suggestions around:

  1. EC2 instance type - I plan to use m5a.xlarge (4 vCPU, 16 GiB memory).
  2. EBS volume size - I’m using the default size i.e. 30 GiB comes with the ECS-optimized AMI.
    Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the community :wave:

Do you plan to host the database on the same instance or use an external service like rds?

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Hi @DefinitelyNotTobi, thank you! To answer your question, I’m using RDS for Postgres.

Then your estimations should be okay. Maybe a little more on the ebs for sonarqube but I have not seen memory over 6gb and CPU being a bottleneck

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