Sonarqube plugins are available only on first run with Postgresql database in Openshift


In Openshift platform, I installed Sonarqube which have the default plugins installed. The postgresql database is persistent and has all the data in there. When I scale up the pods of Sonarqube application, it keeps deleting all the plugins and quality profiles or when I remove the container and run it again with the same database.

Is multiple sonar instances connecting to same db possible? Does sonar support this?


Hi Suganya,

Having multiple instances of SonarQube connected to the same DB schema is supported in the Data Center Edition only. Achieving that in other editions leads to data corruption.


Thank you @simon.brandhof. I understand that this is supported in Data Center Edition however the container platform like openshift supports applications to scale to many containers and create the route. After I added the persistent storage for sonar plugins, I am not having any issues with the plugins. Now, the issue is with respect to the projects being displayed in the sonarqube UI. The Sonarqube UI from one pod has the projects displayed in the dashboard but in other browser when i hit sonarqube url, the projects are not displayed (the projects are stil available for the admin when we check in the project management section).

Is this an expected behaviour when we scale the pods to two in openshift platform or any other container platform? or Am I missing addition of persistent storage for application specifically?

Currently I mounted the directory
‘/var/lib/pgsql/data’ for postgres
‘opt/sonarqube/extensions/’ for sonarqube

Yes it’s expected. As I said scaling nodes are not supported with your edition.