Sonarqube - lostdata

Hi i had deployed my SonarQube on docker with Postgress database on separate instance, We had power loss in our DataCenter and i cant bring back my data, Container runs and is connected to database but there is no data. Please help

  • SonraCube Version, developer edition
  • Docker version 23.0.1, build a5ee5b1
  • PostgreSQL 15.2 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

Hey there.

You probably want to ignore SonarQube entirely and just work on finding your data in Postgres (via a backup, or finding the right server). All of SonarQube’s data is stored in the database, not with the application itself.

Have you successfully managed to locate your Postgres data?

All data exist on Postgres, but after i start sonarqube container i had an error with privilages on database scheme so it fail to start. But when i add permission to DB sonarqube starts, but there is no data. I can view DB through PgAdmin and i see that database exist end have tables and all looks good. It is possible that there is some mismatch about sonarqube ID or key?

Do you see any data in the global Administration > Projects? If so, this could indicate an issue with your Elasticsearch index that needs to be wiped and recreated.

  1. Stop SonarQube
  2. Delete the data/es8 directory
  3. Restart SonarQube

Unfortunately i cant see any data in Administration → Projects

Then it sounds like your SonarQube instance might not be connected to the Postgres database at all (or to the correct schema). What connection details do you see in the global Administration > System?

I attached my connection details with postgres DB, i dont see any issue there

It’s starting to sound like your database might have come back up, but as a fresh schema without any of the previous data inside. If you run a SELECT statement into any of the tables in the database (like projects), do you see the expected data, or is it blank / only filled with what has been added since the power loss in your data center?