Sonarqube 9.8 is upgraded to Sonarqube 9.9 and after upgrade there are no projects visible

We Upgraded sonarqube from 9.8 to Sonarqube 9.9 community edition and after upgrading we cant see any projects and we are seeing the below message on the screen

An embedded database is used for evaluation purposes only. The embedded database will not scale, it will not support upgrading to newer versions of SonarQube, and there is no support for migrating your data out of it into a different database engine.

  • we are using ubuntu linux operation system, postgreSQL 13.7 DB,
  • openjdk 17.0.5 2022-10-18
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17.0.5+8-alpine-r0)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0.5+8-alpine-r0, mixed mode, sharing)

can you please help us on Migrating the data and the projects


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What do you make of that message in yellow at the bottom of your screen?

SonarQube only falls back to using the embedded DB when it’s not connected to an external DB. You should double-check your 9.9 configurations to make sure the DB connection details are properly and fully specified.

Checking your server logs may also help.


I checked the logs, and it is showing like this
H2 database should be used for evaluation purpose only we also specified the db details in our configuration files

you can see in the below screenshot


Your instance is using the - empty - H2 database embedded for evaluation purposes as a fallback because it wasn’t configured to connect to an external DB. You should double-check your configuration. Once you’ve successfully connected SonarQube to the old/existing DB and performed the migration step, you should see all your projects.


Hi ,

this is our configuration file, which is configured to connect to external DB
`dbUsername=postgres dbUrl=jdbc:postgresql:// azureClientID=abc ClusterName=xxxx ImageName=sonarqube:9.9.0-community

all the projects are loading when we are running on sonarqube 9.8.0 version but when we use the same db configuration, for sonarqube 9.9.0 then it is showing H2 database should be used…then i rolled back the sonarqube from 9.9.0 to sonarqube 9.8.0 then it is loading all the projects…so i want to know why this is happening eventhough we specify the correct db configuration and it is working for 9.8.0 but not for 9.9.0


You probably want to check the upgrade notes.


We have gone through the upgrade notes, we couldn’t figure it out anything relevant to this issue, what we observe is it is not taking the external DB configurations instead it is taking the default H2 database.

Note: we are using cloudformation stack to deploy sonar application, above are the parameters which we are passing in parameters

when we go inside the docker container, then we can’t find and files under /opt/sonarqube/bin

Below is the screenshot

the docker image we are using is given below


I’m guessing somewhere you translate the values of dbUsername &etc into the recognized envvar names? You need to take a look at that step. Because, per the release notes, 9.9 dropped support for SONARQUBE_JDBC_*.


Thanks, replacing the SONARQUBE_JDBC_* with SONAR_JDBC_* worked for us

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