Sonarqube docker image vs Windows Server 2016 Docker EE

i’d like to use Sonarqube LTS image with Windows Server 2016 Docker EE. Is Sonarqube windows image exist ? Because when I want to pull it on my windows server (docker pull sonarqube:lts) I have this message: “no matching manifest for windows/amd64 in the manifest list entries”
Is Sonarqube image only works for linux container ?
Can you please help me.

Hi @jfsemon ,

welcome to the community :wave:

yes indeed we currently only publish linux docker images, as you can see here. i think there are possibilities to run linux containers on windows but as far as i know these were just hacks until WSL 2. if you are forced to keep windows as your docker host, i think your best shot is to upgrade to a more recent version that supports WSL 2

hope that helps