Docker Image for Sonar DE 7.9 LTS

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  • Currently I am trying to use Sonar DE in a Containerized Workload, But I am not able to find any docker image for the Sonar DE (7.9 LTS). The only Image that is available for sonar is Sonar CE 7.9 LTS.
  • my question is that for someone who wants to run sonar de (7.9 LTS) in a containerized workload, what’s the preferred way?
  • The first method I was trying is to fork the official docker-sonarqube repo and make the required changes there, but this comes up the overhead of managing the custom docker image.

Hi, thanks for sharing this request with us.

We plan to publish and maintain official docker images for DE and EE, see

In the meantime, you can fork the CE Dockerfile and change the SQ version to DE, and switch to the official image when available.