Install guide for Dockerized Sonar?


(Balázs Hosszu) #1

Hi Sonar Team!

I suggest to update the documentation regarding Docker based setups:

This page is already useful as a getting started guide, but overall more detailed documentation would be appriciated:

Thanks and cheers,

(G Ann Campbell) #3

Hi Balázs,

We aren’t publishing Docker images because we don’t feel we have the requisite mastery of the topic. So… documenting how to use something we’re not comfortable with isn’t likely to happen. :smile:

However, the Linux-specific requirements do deserve a mention in the Installation guide, so I’ve put that on my list.


Non-zip Distributions of SonarQube
(Janos Gyerik) #4

We’ve just released official images of SonarQube Community Edition 7.4 and 6.7.6, available on the hub.

We improved the documentation, on the hub, and also in the SonarQube pages you linked to. So we definitely liked your idea :wink: We did not go as far as documenting Linux specific requirements. Good thing it’s on @ganncamp’s list :wink:

(Sébastien Lesaint) #5

I’m interested in knowing how this was implemented (eg. in term of build pipeline) and the challenges encountered (will probably be helpful for future maintenance).

I believe it’s a good candidate for a Coffee Break. Would you feel like doing one?