Sonarqube developer edition 8.4 and License Manger

In the license Manager Page , there is no Set new license button. we have provided
a commercial version and we want to get license by internet.


Would you mind providing a screenshot of the page. It’s fine if it’s redacted. Also, can you check your browser console to see if there are any errors, please?


fierfox version: 65.0
Shouldn’t our sales team have given me a license or just it should get via internet medium?

my reference doc is :

Hi !

If you want to purchase the license (Developer Edition here), you should ask for it, sending your company name and details, and the ServerID, version installed and the LOC threshold you would like to buy to
We then will be able to send you the correct quote and key (you can’t buy for now on the Internet directly).


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Ok. I want to use embedded DB. If next time I want to use an external DB , will the License work?

You want to use the embedded DB for the trial, and your external DB for the definitive license, after purchase?

we purchased license with embedded DB , If we want to use External DB ,License will be Ok?

Your ServerID will change if you change the DB.
In that case, you should contact your Sales rep to give him/her the new ServerID (that you will find under Administration>System menu in SonarQube UI).


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