How do I buy SonarQube?

I’ve been using SonarQube’s community edition and I think it’s great! Now I’m ready to upgrade to a commercial license to begin leveraging GitHub PR decorations. So here I sit, excited about your product, with stacks upon stacks of cash in my hands, ready to spend it like it’s Brewster’s Millions.

But alas…

From what I can tell there’s no automated way to purchase a license and the sales team has not responded to any of my inquiries from the “Free Trial” page over the last two days. Am I missing something? Can I just buy a license somewhere online?

I have to say, It’s absurd how hard it is to give y’all my money.

Hi @NicholasMiller,

Normally you should have received an email from a Sales Rep.
Can you check your SPAM inbox ?
In case it’s not the case, please let me know.


Hey Carine!

I checked my spam folder but nothing from Sonar in there. :frowning_face:


I’m having the same problem - We’re setting up for a new project, we already know the exact version we need, the server is ready to go, and I need a “Buy Now” button, not a sales rep to talk me through what I already know. I didn’t think it would be so challenging to have a company take my money!

Please make it easier for you to take my money!

Hi @Malcolm_Nixon

It should not be so hard to have an answer from someone from our Sales team to just send you the quote and receive either your payment or your purchase order to move forward with your license subscription.
And… we may work on something easier for some online subscription at some point.


So we have the community version running already, we bought the license to upgrade to the developer edition. Is there some guidelines to upgrade from community edition to developer edition? Where is the license key apply in the community edition?



Hi @pablo1988-prog

If I may, this isn’t really the same topic as “how do I buy SonarQube”, as you already bought the license apparently :wink:

To answer your question, follow the doc here: Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs, under Changing your Edition. Basically, you need to download and install the Developer Edition (binary is here).
Then you’ll have to send your ServerID to your Sales rep to get the license key, as ServerID will change after upgrade.