Sonarqube blaming author different than svn CLI

I am using Sonarqube Community Version 8.6, with Sonar-Scanner 4.5 on Windows but this also happens on Linux with 7.9 and 4.1 respectively.
We did some modifications and reintegrations on files we want it to scan.
My question is: Why I get different blame information when I scan a file with Sonarqube than if I do it with the SVN CLI?
What I have tried:

  • I have tried to do a svn blame with and without merge-info.
  • I have tried to run analysis with the sonar.scm.forceReloadAll option.
    I am trying to understand what Sonarqube is doing to replicate it on console, or viceversa, replicate what I see on console.

Thanks in advance to any help you can provide,


Welcome to the community!

Could you illustrate the difference you see and perhaps provide the SVN CLI command you’re using for comparison?



Thanks, yeah sure.

The process to see the differences is:

  1. Author 1 makes a commit
  2. Author 2 makes a second commit and reintegrates first commit.

In Sonar the annotated author for the reintegrated lines is Author 2. However, in the CLI, the annotated author is Author 1.

Both scenarios can be correct but I’m looking for a way to reproduce any of them. Maybe Sonar uses a different command under the hood, I don’t know.

The SVN CLI commands I tried were:

  • svn blame -g FILE
  • svn blame FILE