SonarQube SCM integration: Wrong subversion author assigned to issues


We’re using Sonarqube 8.9.2 LTS and the SCM integration for Subversion to assign SonarQube issues automatically to the commiter of the affected lines according to “svn blame” .

However, it seems that something is broken here, as the author identified by SonarQube do not always match the ‘svn blame’ information which makes automatic issue assignment unreliable for us.

Is this a known issue?
If not, what information do you need in order to investigate this issue?


Hi Patric,

Welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Somethings to consider here:

  1. SonarQube uses the email address or the SVN username to assign issues to a SonarQube. If there are multiple users in SonarQube using the same information, it is possible an issue gets assigned to an unexpected user. You can review this using Administration > Security > Users and find the user() and review their email/SCM accounts with “Update Details”.

  2. Issues are only assigned at creation. SonarQube will not reassign an issue after it was created.

  3. There is an open issue regarding SVN in version 8.9 when multiple LDAP users perform sync merges and reintegrations between SonarQube scans .

If you feel #3 is your Case, providing the following would be helpful in our investigation:

  • Version of SVN you are using
  • Output of svn blame on the file(s) in questions
  • Screenshot of the issue assignments in SonarQube
  • Screenshot of the user information (including SCM accounts) in SonarQube