Problem with Automatic Issue Assignment

Thanks in advance…

Recently a project from Sonar 6.7 has migrated to another instance that we have from Sonar 7.9, and I have noticed that the issues are not assigned in the analysis, something that happens in version 6.7.
The analysis configuration is the same, including the repository address …
I think the Sonar 7.9 needs to activate something but I can’t get what.

again Thanks


This can happen when the line author isn’t recognized by SonarQube. I’m guessing that the developers in question aren’t set up as users and/or their SCM IDs aren’t set up in the new instance.


That’s the strange thing … all that is the same in both instances. the user accounts, and the id’s, in fact the two instances are linked to our scm db.


Okay… is analysis of the project taking place on the same build agents or did that change? Also, can you look at the blame information SonarQube has for the line of code a new issue is on & see if there’s an author in it?