SonarQube Analysis summary in AzureDevOps PR and build pipeline

I am trying to publish SonarQube scan results to Azure DevOps pull request and build pipeline as summary irrespective of SonqrQube gate status. Is there a way to fulfill this.

  • SonarQubeVersion: 9.5
  • what are you trying to achieve:
    1. Display SonarQube scan statistics/results in AzureDevOps PR/Build irrespective of gate failure/success (Don’t want to use hyperlink to go to SonarQube to check results if gate is passed)
    2. Show SonarQube scan results under “SonarQube” tab in build pipeline instead of under extensions
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Can you confirm that you’re using a commercial edition of SonarQube? Because PR decoration isn’t available in Community Edition.

If you are in a commercial edition, the docs should help.


we are using commercial edition of SonarQube and have already configured scan for Azure DevOps pipeline and AzureDevOps pull requests(PR).
If quality gate is successful, it just provides a hyperlink to quality report in PR/build. I want quality gate summary to be displayed in addition to hyperlink.

Hi @Sadiq ,

So, if I understand correctly, you want to see the list of conditions you’ve configured for your Quality Gate, and see the status for each one (regardless if they are passed or not). Can I ask you what your use case is? Why would you want to see the list of conditions that successfully passed?